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Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain Since 2002

Please note: California law currently prohibits posts advertising or marketing of firearms to youths under 18. We will refrain from such posts or photos of youth at this time.


The purpose of the California Chapter of Wild Sheep Foundation, an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is as follows:

a) To promote and enhance increasing populations of indigenous wild sheep on the North American continent;

b) To inform and educate the people of California, Canada, Mexico and the United States concerning North American wild sheep, their habitat, health, population densities, relocation, and general welfare;

c) To promote the professional management of North American wild sheep in order to augment the number and size of game herds, such professional management to include the use of regulated hunting as a legitimate tool of conservation and game management, to achieve optimum populations of indigenous species wherever possible throughout North America, and to safeguard against the decline or extinction of any of such indigenous species;

d) To protect, defend and preserve the lawful right and privilege of recreational hunting through education of mainstream America as to the conservation benefits of lawful hunting, and to vigorously respond in a positive manner to those anti-hunting individuals and groups who strive, either legally or unlawfully, to prohibit this legitimate recreation, recognizing that well-regulated hunting with limited bag limits, controlled shooting hours and hunting seasons, in a management environment, is a viable, effective and practical tool of wise and efficient wildlife management that will assure a rational use of the earth’s renewable resources and control the sustainable use of such resources by limiting overgrowth of dense game populations of abundant species.

e) To encourage all men and women hunters to be responsible conservationists who harvest animals humanely and utilize their meat without waste, while hunting under conditions of fair chase and good sportsmanship.

f) To participate and associate with other clubs, associations and organizations throughout the world which share goals, beliefs, and purposes common with those of this organization.

g) To engage in such other activities as may be appropriate in conjunction with the foregoing.

Current by-laws
2002 - 2020 California Wild Sheep Foundation
CA FNAWS, doing business as California Wild Sheep Foundation or CA WSF, is a nonprofit organization and donations may be tax deductible. CA FNAWS tax identification number is 68-0481140.

Please mail donations to CAWSF, 1630 Williams Hwy #151, Grants Pass, OR
. 97527.