CA WSF 2022 Fundraiser - Our 2022 fundraiser, the first live event in 3 years, is over, and a few lucky winners are just starting to make their plans for once-in-a-lifetime quality sheep hunts. A heartfelt thanks to our many members who worked tirelessly for months to make this event a success, and to all who supported in person and online.

Thanks to everyone who participated, you all helped a few peoples dreams come true, and put a little karma in the bank for next time. See the 2022 Fundraiser page for the details. THANK YOU to also to our many donors, and especially to Ultima Thule Outfitters who have made so many dreams come true!
Importantly, our Give a Lamb a Drink fund grew by more than $45,000! Each system costs approximately $25,000 to complete so that is almost two complete systems. We are in the planning process for this year’s installations and will keep you updated on our progress.

Things You Should Do NOW!
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GALAD project or volunteer to help at one of our installation projects; contact to get on our mailing list. Better yet, JOIN to show your support and you’ll always know the schedule. GALAD directed donations and memberships are both available in our store.

We have an exciting opportunity for you to go on a desert sheep hunt! The drawing will be at our 2023 fundraiser, and you can
start buying tickets now in our store. We will run out!

We are already planning for next year, please save the date!
April 29th, 2023. Please save the date! You must be in the room to be eligible for the life member drawing.
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Protect Wild Sheep
Help Wild Sheep Thrive
Fund Research
Help Wild Sheep Thrive
Science Based Conservation
Help Wild Sheep Thrive
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Chapter News

Spring 2022 Presidents Message
Make sure to read the Presidents Spring 2022 Update
CA WSF has joined a coalition in opposition to AB 1223.
Assembly Member Marc Levine (D/10-Marin) has introduced AB 1223 – legislation which would impose an additional excise tax of $25 on the sale of new handguns and semiautomatic long guns and a yet to be determined excise tax on the sale of all ammunition, and require the revenue be used to fund programs to address the effects illegal firearm use has on California’s families and communities. Although all of California’s public benefit from programs which address the impacts of illegal gun violence, AB 1223 would place the entire burden of funding these efforts on the backs of law-abiding hunters and shooters. This legislation would also negatively impact California’s wildlife and hunting opportunity by driving up the cost of guns and ammunition and, in turn, reducing their sales and the annual Pittman-Robertson revenues made available to CDFW for wildlife conservation and management.
CA WSF is Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain.
One of our staunch and long term supporters and leaders — Mike Borel — Represents us very well in a video ranging over a wide variety of sheep related topics, and emphasizing the value of GALAD. Please check it out, share and comment to raise awareness.
Read About a Drinker Refill Effort
CA WSF continues the mission. Read about the part you played in the Anza-Borrego Water Haul. Keeping sheep on the mountain!
Predator vs. Sheep Videos Available
CA WSF has contributed to studies of predator-prey relationships involving mountain lions and mountain sheep. Check out some videos! The second video covers some details of the pneumonia effecting our sheep.
After you check out these videos, please give them a like to let the world know there are people out there who care about these issues.
2021 Election Results
CA WSF has concluded elections for this year. See the updated leadership team.
GALAD Creosote Drinker Install 2019
CA WSF sponsored project to install the Creosote drinker, Giving a Lamb a Drink.
2019 Oregon State University Report
CA WSF project report from Oregon State University available.
Planning for More Drinkers
CA WSF together with Society for Conservation of Bighorn Sheep plans for ninety additional Raincatcher Wildlife Water Systems

Conservation News

Gray Wolves
  • Gray Wolf Delisting - SCI And USFWS Celebrate Historic Recovery And Delisting Of Gray Wolves After 45 years of protection, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced today its decision to delist the gray wolf from the list of threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This decision is unequivocally based on the best available science, including both recent and historical information regarding wolf numbers and distribution in the contiguous U.S. One of America’s greatest conservation success stories is finally receiving the recognition and celebration it deserves.
Mountain Lions vs. California's Wild Sheep
Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) Foundation Video
  • What Next for Wildlife Conservation? Exciting new video from Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) President and CEO, Gray N. Thornton.
Do You Want to Hunt Tahr Someday?
10-Year Wild Sheep Study
Conservation and Wilderness

Mountain Hunting News

Brightline West Wildlife Impact
Please read and consider "A Call for More Nuanced Dialogues About Trophy Hunting", Mitchell et al. from The Journal of Wildlife Management. This is a thoughtful introspection into trophy hunting and it may help you clarify your thoughts, or be useful to share with others.

Sheep News

More Ways to Make a Difference
Significant Wild Sheep Book Details
  • YETI and the Wild Sheep Foundation are pleased to present WILD SHEEP, a spectacularly illustrated book on an iconic species, the unspoiled high countries they live in, and the men and women captivated by their existence. Get the details here.
Sheep Horns and Age
  • This video, Talk is Sheep, will really help you learn a lot more about sheep horns and aging rams. Find out more.
Translocating Mountain Goats Works

Translocating mountain goats works! From Peninsula Daily News: "A science experiment conducted in real time, the translocation of mountain goats from the Olympic Mountains to the Cascade Range has provided federal and state biologists with a number of initial takeaways on whether the agile ungulates are gaining a proper foothold in their new habitats or simply scrambling for purchase." I think we can all agree that more goats in more places is a very good thing! Read the full article.

Hunt Wild Sheep in Nebraska
  • Did you know you could hunt wild mountain sheep, in… Nebraska? Neither did we. You might want to put this on your radar or in your application strategy for future years. We all need to get lucky and draw a tag somewhere, right? More information on Nebraska big game hunting and sheep permit lottery here.
National Desert Wildlife Refuge, Nevada
Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) Funded Documentary
Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) National Long Term Vision
Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) & Mongolia
2002 - 2020 California Wild Sheep Foundation
CA FNAWS, doing business as California Wild Sheep Foundation or CA WSF, is a nonprofit organization and donations may be tax deductible. CA FNAWS tax identification number is 68-0481140.

Please mail donations to CAWSF, 1630 Williams Hwy #151, Grants Pass, OR
. 97527.