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Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain Since 2002

Please note: California law currently prohibits posts advertising or marketing of firearms to youths under 18. We will refrain from such posts or photos of youth at this time.


We could not provide such great support for putting and keeping sheep on the mountains without our mostly volunteer-run committees. Committees are an integral part of the success we have had to this point and what we expect to accomplish in the future. Below you will find a description of each committee. Committees may meet via conference call on a monthly, quarterly, or as-needed basis. Get involved today by getting in touch with President Donald C. Martin.

Communications / Publicity

Getting the word out about what we do for wild sheep helps us get new members as well as funding for our research projects, on-the-ground sheep developments, Sheep Summit reports and more. This committee gathers content for the quarterly newsletter and digital media forms.

Contact committee chair
Beverly Valdez or Mike Borel.
Annual Fundraising Banquet

Hosting a successful fundraiser makes sure we have funds to continue our mission, putting and keeping sheep on the mountain. Being a part of the team that puts it together is rewarding and a great way to show your support for wild sheep.

If you happen to be on a guided hunt, fishing trip or other outdoor activity this year, please ask your outfitter to consider donating a hunt or trip to our annual Fundraising Banquet. Supporting wild sheep is a great cause, their donation is tax deductible, and the advertising and exposure they get will be good for business.

Fundraiser Committee

To get involved with any part of the fundraiser, please contact committee chair Donald C. Martin.
Give a Lamb a Drink (GALAD) and Water Projects

The “Give a Lamb a Drink” (GALAD) committee is just now forming. This committee has a goal of working with our sister organization, the Society of Bighorn Sheep Conservation, to install 90 additional Raincatcher Wildlife Water Systems to increase wild sheep numbers in the state. Learn more information about GALAD and join the team!

Contact committee chair
Mike Borel to help provide more water for wildlife in desert areas of California.
Legislative and CDFW Affairs

This committee works with the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife along with other conservation groups to make sure our goals are recognized and offer assistance as much as possible. Members of the committee may be asked to attend the bi-annual Sheep Summit meetings hosted by CA WSF as well as other meetings where wild sheep will be discussed or considered.

Contact committee chair
Don Priest If you have a knack for politics or want to keep an eye on our public servants on behalf of wild sheep.

The membership committee promotes and facilitates recruiting and renewing members who are passionate about wild sheep.

Contact committee chair
Shawn Wood if you have ideas on driving new membership or other ways you'd like to get involved.
Projects (Beyond-Water)

One of the first actions of the CA WSF Board of Directors was to establish a Project Grant Committee to help solicit and select worthwhile activities. This committee has recommended, and the Board has funded, numerous projects since 2001 resulting in an increase in the number of sheep in California herds and raising the number of sheep hunting tags available. Learn more about projects and how to apply for project funding.

Contact committee chair
Don Priest or Vern Bleich if you have interest in volunteering for work on a special project.

Our quarterly newsletter keeps all members informed about upcoming projects, recent achievements, news in the wild sheep world and in particular in the state of California's wild sheep. We are always looking for articles written by members. We also sell advertisements, which is a great way to benefit your business while also helping fund putting and keeping wild sheep on the mountain.

Mike Borel with your contributions or interest.
Youth Outreach

As our youth are the future of hunting and wildlife conservation, we are establishing this committee to partner with Dr. Ryan Brock from Wild Sheep Foundation to make the Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience (YWCE) part of our banquet and encourage youth to get involved in all aspects of putting and keeping wild sheep on the mountains.

Contact chair
Glen Pyne to help get youth more involved in conservation, the outdoors, and wild sheep.
2002 - 2020 California Wild Sheep Foundation
CA FNAWS, doing business as California Wild Sheep Foundation or CA WSF, is a nonprofit organization and donations may be tax deductible. CA FNAWS tax identification number is 68-0481140.

Please mail donations to CAWSF, 1630 Williams Hwy #151, Grants Pass, OR
. 97527.