Special Drawings

When you blow a stalk, do you give up or gear up?
Sadly only one person could win our Stone Sheep trip for 2021.
Luckily you have another opportunity for our 2022 Stone Sheep Promo!

The store has tickets available now, we run out every year, so why wait?
Thank you for your support of wild sheep in California.


Board members are elected by the membership in June of each year for two-year terms. The year noted for each Board member is the end of their current two-year term. Officers are elected annually by the Board members following elections.

Board Officers

  • Donald C Martin

    Donald C Martin
    President (2023)

  • Mike Borel

    Mike Borel
    VP Operations (2022)

  • Ken Crother

    Ken Crother
    VP Northern California (2023)

  • Glen Pyne

    Glen Pyne
    VP Southern California (2023)

  • Matt Burke

    Matt Burke
    Secretary (2023)

  • Adam Casagrande

    Adam Casagrande
    Treasurer (2023)

Board Members

  • Jim Fitzgerald

    Jim Fitzgerald

  • Ben Gordon

    Ben Gordon

  • Bob Keagy

    Bob Keagy

  • Maggi Kouffeld

    Maggi Kouffeld

  • Don Priest

    Don Priest

    Darryl Williams

    Darryl Williams

  • Paul Schultheis

    Paul Schultheis

    Shawn Wood

    Shawn Wood

  • Mike Torres

    Mike Torres

  • Zack Walton

    Zack Walton

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Please mail donations to CAWSF, 1630 Williams Hwy #151, Grants Pass, OR
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