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Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain Since 2002

Please note: California law currently prohibits posts advertising or marketing of firearms to youths under 18. We will refrain from such posts or photos of youth at this time.

Latest News

2022 Board Changes
The election results for 2022 are available. We're excited to have old and new faces committed to leading the organization into the future.
2022 Celebration of Conservation
2022 Celebration of Conservation. You are invited!
2022 Fundraiser News
The 2022 fundraiser was a great success. Find out more about who won, and see what is next. We are also starting to plan the 2023 fundraiser. We have a desert sheep hunt available, and are looking for volunteers.

Fall 2021 Presidents Message
A state-of-the union for CAWSF and best wishes for happy fall hunts.

2021 Virtual Fundraiser Big Winners
CA WSF has concluded its main 2021 virtual fundraising event on CA WSF Fundraiser — Virtual Event Concluded April 24.
Congratulations to the winners of our big drawings:
Stone Sheep Hunt Winner: Ticket #1380, William Miller
Dall Sheep Hunt Winner: Distinguished Life Member Shawn Wood
Congratulations to both, and a sincere Thank You for all that participated. Maybe next year will be "your" year!.
A Sad Loss for Our Community
We are saddened share that Andy Pauli has passed away. Andy Pauli worked for CDFW for years and was a long time Sheep Biologist and the regular “check in measurer” for harvested rams. He will be missed. Please share with others who you know knew him.

"He worked his heart out for the sheep, and was among my closest friends. I am devastated…" - Vernon Bleich
2021 Election Results
CA WSF has concluded elections for this year. See the updated leadership team.
Spring 2021 Presidents Message
A state-of-the union for CAWSF, and announcement of new Virtual Fundraiser.
All annual memberships expire July 31. You may renew in any one of the following ways:
1. Return the membership form with a check for $40 by mail to the address on the form.
2. Return the completed membership form with your charge card info by mail, email, or fax. All information is on the form.
3. Log onto the CAWSF web site at and complete using a charge card or PayPal account.
Note: If you joined after January 1, 2021, your membership is active until July 31, 2022.

If you can, please consider
upgrading to a Life Membership for a one-time $500 dues payment or if you are already a Life Member to Distinguished Life Membership for a one time $1,000 dues payment. With either of these special commitments to wild sheep you'll be adding to the CA WSF Life Member Endowment. Learn what your membership dollars help to do.
CA WSF has an enviable record of positive impact on California wild sheep, you can continue to help us build momentum and to multiply the difference we make by renewing and encouraging friends to join!
CA WSF has 16 Board positions and the term is 2 years. Half of the positions expire each year, which enables Board continuity year to year. We have 8 terms expiring. You will receive a ballot, with candidate information, in June. Here is the status of that election:

Board Members whose Terms expire June 2021: Adam Casagrande, Ken Crother, Bob Keagy, George Kerr, Don Martin, Glen Pyne, Renee Snider and Mike Torres.

Board Members whose Terms expire June 2022: Mike Borel, Jim Fitzgerald, Ben Gordon, Don Priest, Paul Schulteis, Darryl Williams, Shawn Wood and Zack Walton.

If you would be interested in committing some of your time and talent to CA WSF please let President Don Martin or VP Operations and Newsletter Editor Mike Borel know! We are seeking Board candidates and Fundraiser volunteers.

After the Board election, we will be electing officers for the next 2 years. Positions include: President, VP Operations, VP North, VP South, Secretary, Treasurer.

We also have multiple committees, which are appointed by the President each year, but he appreciates volunteers!
Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society (ADBSS) Call for Help
We are presenting occasional opportunities for high-impact donations for wild sheep through other organizations. Arizona is a well known sheep habitat state.
Fire Impact in San Gabriel Mountains on Bighorn Sheep
Interesting new report available on the impact of the recent fires in the San Gabriel Mountains on Bighorn sheep. By Venon C. Bleich.

The critically important role of fire in chaparral ecosystems is well known, and its role in producing and maintaining abundant, high-quality forage for mule deer and other ruminants has long been recognized. Not only are bighorn sheep occupying the chaparral of Southern California the recipients of nutritional benefits associated with fires, but they also benefit from the openness of vegetation created by fires.

Sportsmen Call on Presidential Candidates;
Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) National is only one of many contributors to this detailed document covering suggestions on how the government should best manage wildlife for our future. Deliver Wildlife for the 21st Century, Volume VI
What About Sheep Week National Convention?

You may be wondering, among other things, what the convention season might look like in the early part of 2021. Find out more.
Talk is Sheep
This video, Talk is Sheep, will really help you learn a lot more about sheep horns and aging your ram. Find out more.
Critical Call to Action

Once in awhile a great opportunity comes around to make a big difference in the conservation of wild sheep habitat. Find out more.
What Next For Wildlife Conservation?
May 5, 2020

Even though pandemic uncertainties continue to drag along without a lot of reliable information, the immediate future of wildlife conservation and the systems that support it will rest upon the decisions we make today. WSF President and CEO, Gray N. Thornton, put a few of these decisions into perspective in this new video.
Important Current Sheep News
Wild Sheep Foundation — North American Conservation Vision 2020
The WSF Conservation Vision 2020 is one of our most important documents. It reflects the very essence of WSF’s combined Mission Statement (Vision, Purpose, Mission, Values), and prioritizes how WSF resources will be applied to year 2020 to drive wild sheep conservation and management in North America.
North American Conservation Vision 2020 for more.
MULTIBRIEFS: Exclusive — COVID-19 and the wild sheep decline: An interesting parallel
When Lewis and Clark set out on their epic expedition, there were around 2 million wild sheep in North America. By 1900, there were fewer than 25,000, according to some estimates.

And while it would be easy to blame it on unregulated hunting and market killing, which no doubt had some impact, by far the biggest killer was pneumonia.

Read the rest of the story
CA Wild Sheep Foundation says proposed Soda Mountain Solar Project will jeopardize wildlife populations
Bechtel’s project along I- 15 would likely add “another nail in the coffin” to wild sheep unless modifications are made. Pending legislation may help wildlife. Read more.
Protecting desert bighorn sheep migration corridors in Mojave Desert: Guest commentary By John D. Wehausen and Clinton W. Epps
The freeways across our deserts have fragmented what was once a continuous network of interconnected bighorn sheep populations. Bechtel’s proposed Soda Mountain Solar Project along Interstate 15 would likely add another nail in the coffin of these sheep by precluding the re-establishment of a critical migration corridor across Interstate 15 that could reconnect bighorn sheep populations on either side. August 2019.
Bighorn Sheep: Conservation Challenges & Management Strategies for the 21st Century
Published by the Wild Sheep Working Group of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, July 2014. Learn more.
GALAD Creosote Drinker Install 2019
CA WSF sponsored project to install the Creosote drinker, Giving a Lamb a Drink.
2002 - 2020 California Wild Sheep Foundation
CA FNAWS, doing business as California Wild Sheep Foundation or CA WSF, is a nonprofit organization and donations may be tax deductible. CA FNAWS tax identification number is 68-0481140.

Please mail donations to CAWSF, 1630 Williams Hwy #151, Grants Pass, OR
. 97527.
Important Current Sheep News