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Putting and Keeping Sheep on the Mountain Since 2002

Please note: California law currently prohibits posts advertising or marketing of firearms to youths under 18. We will refrain from such posts or photos of youth at this time.

Catch Up

Q3 - September -
From the Editor - Mike J. Borel, p3
President’s Message - Donald C. Martin, p5
My Number 1 - Ron Monk, p7
Ralph’s Last Ram - Mike Torres, p9
Desert Sheep Fever (Sub-Strain Of Sheep Fever) - Dennis Sites, p11
2023 Annual Fundraiser & Annual Banquet We Need You! p13
Cowboy Caviar p19
California Fish And Wildlife Update - Jeff Villepique, p22
Government Issues Update - Don Priest, p23
How To Write A Story About Your Hunt - John Ware, p25
‘Mature’And‘Legal’Are Not Synonymous Terms: Implications For The Regulatory Process - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D., p27
Good News In The East Mojave - Debra Miller Marschke, p31
Bighorn Sheep Hunting In California: The First 35 Years (Continued From Spring 2022 Issue) - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D., p34
2021/2022 Legislative Session NearsConclusion - Bill Gaines, p37

Q2 - June -
From the Editor - Mike J. Borel, p3
CA WSF Board Elections - p3
President’s Message - Donald C. Martin, p5
This is not the ram I wanted — but I’ll take it! - Ralph Adams, p6
CA Wild Sheep Summit XXXI - Mike J. Borel, p8
“Heavy Metal” Ram 2021 - Colin Alexander, p9
Annual Fundraiser Review Photos, Awards, and more - p11
Kaylee’s First big game animal - Kaylee Howard, p17
Director Biographies - p18
GALAD Update - Mike J. Borel, p24
Favorite Gear - Mike J. Borel, p24
CA WSF — 2021 in Review - p25
Just the Beginning - Reina Seraaj, p26
CA Fish and Wildlife Update - Jeff Villepique, p28
Governmental Affairs Update - Don Priest, p29
Water development in the Mojave Desert - Debra Miller Marschke, p32
Water 4 Wild Wool “W4WW” - p34
Bighorn Sheep Hunting In CA: The First 35 Years - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D., p36
First Lamb at Rasor Ranch Tank: (GALAD) Success! - Scott Gibson , p38
2022 Legislative Session - Bill Gaines , p40

Q1 - March -
Kenny Womacks - Marble Clipper Mountains 182” Ram - Cover
President’s Message
- Donald C. Martin, p5
“The Ghost” CA Desert Bighorn -
Kenny Womack, p6
Helicopter Coues Deer Hunt -
Darryl Williams, Distinguished Life Member, p10
RRS Binocular Tripod Adapter -
Scott Gibson, Life Member, p12
First-Come, First-Serve NV Bighorn -
Alan Shultz, Distinguished Life Member, p13
Fun And Inspiration From Icons Of Sheep Hunting - p15
Management Beceite Ibex - John Ware, Distinguished Life Member, p16
CDFW Update -
Jeff Villepique Senior Wildlife Biologist Supervisor, IDR-South, p19
Water Development In Our Challenging Environment -
Debbie Miller Marschke, SCBS, p20
CA Wild Sheep Summit XXX -
Mike J Borel, VP Operations, Distinguished Life Member, p30
Bighorn Sheep Habitat Management At Old Dad Peak (Part II) -
Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D. p31
Wiggy Waders -
Maggi Kouffeld, Life Member, p34
The Problem With Sheep Hunting, p35

Q4 - December -
California Bighorn, White Mountains - Robert McClelland - Cover
President’s Message - Donald C. Martin, p5
Proof of “SD Tank” Water Haul Success - Scott Gibson, p7
Who Knew — South Africa Has Hot Archery Hunting! - John Ware & Beverly Valdez, p12
Bighorn Sheep Habitat Management At Old Dad Peak - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D., p22
Unprecedented Dry Season And Water Haul Efforts - Scott Gibson, p25

Q3 - September -
President’s Message - Donald C. Martin, p5
My Dream Come True - Chad Cola, p6
The Battler: 2021 California Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt - Greg Gomes, p7

Team Tiburón - Bill Tittle, p9
CA WSF Election Results - p13
Oregon Bighorn Sheep Hunt - Roger McCosker, p14
CA DFW, Region 6 Update - Paige Prentice & Rick Ianniello, p19
Bighorn Sheep Habitat Management In The Marble Mountains - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D. p26
Wild Sheep Summit, Optimism And Concern - p30
Governmental Affairs Update - Don Priest, p32
Desert Water Developments 2021 - Scott Gibson, p35

Q2 - June -
Jan 5-14, 2021 Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunting Story - Eric Ferguson, p6
Update from California Department of Wildlife - Jeff Villepique, p8
The Orocopia Hammer - Sergio Resendiz, p10
One More For Four - John Zenz, p13

In Honor of Andrew M. Pauli (1953–2021) - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D. p15
CA WSF — 2020 in Review - p18
Central European Mouflon - Bob Keagy, p19
2021 Election Slate and Ballot - p21
2021Annual Fundraiser recap - Donald C. Martin & Ken Crother, p26
Wild Sheep Summit XXIX - Mike J. Borel, p29
Governmental Affairs Update - Don Priest, p30
Last Campfire — Bill Pritchard - p33
Water development work in the desert - Scott Gibson, p34

Q1 - March -
Desert Sheep Hunting At Age 77- Robert Highfill
WSF Hunt Report Tian Shan Argali and Mid Asian Ibex Kyrgyzstan - Mike Borel
Q&A With Member Brad Peters
These Boots are Made For Hunting - Mike Torres

Member Spotlight: Peggy Lee
From the Professionals - Cliff St. Martin & Jake Franklin
Maintaining Momentum For Conservation - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D.

Oro Belle Guzzler Now Providing “Liquid Gold”To Wildlife - Debbie Miller Marschke

Q4 - December
One Special Hunt - Cliff St. Martin
Inyo Fire Stops White Mtn Hunts
“Dome” Fire Destruction In Mojave National Preserve
Wyoming Goat Hunt - John Ware
Fire And Bighorn Sheep In The San Gabriel Mountains: Forty Years Of Lessons Learned
Chip Hollister Last Campfire

Q3 - September
The Gambler Ram - Sean Gamble
British Columbia Stone’s Sheep - Darryl Williams
California Lightening Strikes — Again! - Dave York
And Then There Were None - Vernon C. Bleich
, Ph.D.
Hunting Photography - Craig Van Arsdale.

Q2 - June
The 18 Year Journey - David Sterk
Spanish Ibex Grand Slam - Darryl Williams and Glen Pyne
A Thanksgiving Capra Hunt - Ben Gordon
Habitat Selection by Bighorn Sheep - Vernon C. Bleich
, Ph.D.

Q1 - March
Friends And Family Made This Hunt Special - Joe Dantona
The Grand Adventure - Susan Fitzgerald
Poquito Macho Grande (Aka “Little Big Buck”) - Mike Torres
Setting Goals. - Ben Gordon
In Appreciation Of Leon Lesicka (1932–2019) - Vernon C. Bleich
, Ph.D.

Q4 - December
Twenty-Two Years Later - Rick Garzoli, Jr.
Mid Asian Ibex Hunting in Kazakhstan - Jeremy Pechtel
Success Can Be Yours, If You Can Dream, Imagine, Believe - Larry J. Johns
Smoked Out and Snowed Out: My 32-Year Quest - Dennis V. Swanson
Science Report: 7th World Mountain Ungulate Conference - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D.
Wyoming Rocky Mountain Sheep Deja Vu - Roger McCosker
Desert Bighorn Sheep Water Developments at Old Dad Peak Rebuilt - Debra Hughson
Desert Bighorn Sheep Helicopter Survey Results - Page Prentice
Some Thoughts On Wildlife And Livestock Management - Carlos Gallinger

Q3 - September
The Mountains Are Calling Me - Jody Hanggi
A Two Mile High Desert Bighorn Ram - Kyle Meintzer
Hunt Report – Altai Argali, Mongolia, 2019 - Mike Borel

Hunting Stone Sheep in BC – Keep Both Eyes Wide Open - Douglas A. Sayer & Roger L. McCosker
Harvest Strategies, Records Books, And Mountain Sheep: Results Of Recent Research - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D.
SAAMTM For My Ladies - Glen Pyne
Evaluation Of Gene Flow Among Desert Bighorn Sheep - Clinton W. Epps, Ph.D.
Summer Field Work - Page Prentice
San Gorgonio Bighorn Sheep Disease Update - Jeff Villepique, Ph.D.

Q2 - June
Lightening Strikes Twice - Bryan Davis
Wild Sheep Summit XXV - Mike Borel
Sheep on the Cheap - Craig Van Arsdale
Outdoor Adventures to Heroes - Greg Tooley
New Desert Sheep Hunt Zone - Paige Prentice
Abnormal Coloration in BHS
- Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D.
Washington DC Fly-In - Don Priest
The Desert Sheep of the Newberry Mountains - Carlos Gallinger
Desert Bighorn Council Meeting - Don Priest

Q1 - March
Cady Mountains Sheep Hunt - Darren Filkins
Lopside And The White Ewe - Reuben Sarian
One For The Money - Adam Casagrande
Macro-Elements, Micro-Elements, And Mountain Sheep - Vernon C. Bleich, Ph.D.
CA Wild Sheep Summit XXIV - Mike Borel
Consider An Illuminated Reticule Scope - Bob Keagy
Cadiz Water Project Update - Don Priest
Bighorn Sheep Are (Again) Dying In TheCaliforniaDesert

Q4 - December - Two Women and a Desert Sheep In Mexico - Debi Ramsey Casey, White Mountains Desert Bighorn - Chris Castello, Role of Harvest: Part II - Vernon C. Bleich, Et. Al., Desert Bighorns Capture and Release - Don Priest, Alaska Bison Hunt Story - Beverly Valdez, Armenian Mouflon - Bob Keagy.

Q4 - December
From the Editor - Mike J. Borel, p3
President’s Message - Paul Brisso, p5
Weekend on the Stewart Ranch with Arrow Five Outfitters - Ken Crother, p6
California Bighorn Hunt - Bob Keagy, p7
Sheep Summit XVIII - Mike J. Borel, p9
Greta’s Once in a Lifetime Hunt - George Houston, p10
Piute Mountain “FNAWS RAM” - Kyle Meintzer, p12
Roads, Routes, and Rams - Vernon C. Bleich, PhD, p13
Airlifting Bighorn Sheep Back Into Nevada’s National Parks - Laura Allen, p14
Supporting SCBS with Drinker Installation - Mike J. Borel, p16
Nevada Dream Desert Ram - Ben Gordon, p20
Photos from the Field - p24

Q3 - September
President’s Message - Paul Brisso, p5
A Pakistan Journey - Ben Gordon, p6
2014 Dall Sheep Hunt - Butch Kuflak, p12
Unexpected and Unprepared, Part2 - John Ware, p13
A Hunt of a Lifetime - Russ Renner, p15
Homemade Pizza and Single Malt Scotch at 4:00am - Kyle Meintzer, p17
Respiratory Disease - Alexandra P. Few, PhD, p19
Photos from the Field - p22
Might Deer be the Source of Mites in Cushenbury Sheep? - Vernon C. Bleich, PhD, p26
Pneumonia Outbreak in the Mojave Desert - Daniella Dekelaita, p27

Q2 - June
From the Editor - Mike J. Borel, p3
President’s Message - Paul Brisso, p5
Patience, Persistence, and Candy Bars - Lisa Griffiths, p6
Not a “Bad Hunt” in Asia - Donald C. Martin, p18
Photos from the Field - p23
A Hunt of a Lifetime - Jeremy and Brandon McDonald, p25
2014 in Review - p29
So You Want To Be a Sheep Hunter - Gary Lewis, p32

Q1 - March
Wanderings of a Sheep & Goat Hunter - Ben Gordon, p6
8-Day Ibex Hunt In Kyrgyzstan - Bob Keagy, p11
Elk Hunting in California – What a Wonderful Experience - Perry Smith, p13
Dall’s Sheep Hunt - Joel Franzoia, p19
Photos from the Field - p21
All the Best - Jake Franklin, p27
Unexpected & Unprepared: A Mountain Goat Story – Part 1 - John Ware, p28
Lightning Strikes Twice in Pacifica, California for Father and Son - John McGannon, p32

Q4 - December
Gary Rotta, Bristol Mountains Ram - Cover
Mojave Yucca - Carlos Gallinger, p6
Bighorn Sheep DiseaseWork - Dr. Sri, WSU, p8
Migrating Mural Complete - Jane Kim , p12
Soda Mountain Solar Project - p19
California Wild Sheep Summit XVI - Mike J. Borel , p21
California State Election Brief - Bill Gaines, Gaines & Associates, p22

Q3 - September
Jeff Chin, Desert Bighorn Ram - Cover
Houdini Stone’s Sheep - Adam Casagrande, p8
Comments on Management History - Vernon C. Bleich PhD, p13
Turkey Hunting in Nebraska - Vernon C. Bleich PhD, p19
2013 Ram from the Marble/Clippers - Jeff Chin, p20
Steep in the Floridas - Caden Casagrande, p26
Once-in-a-Lifetime Desert Bighorn - Sean Osmond, p28
47-YearGrandSlam - George Davis, p29

Q2 - June
Robert Charkowicz, largest ram taken by a member, Nick Simpson, tied for oldest ram taken by a member, Bob Ybright, tied for oldest ram taken by a member - Cover
President’s Message - Paul Brisso, p5
2014 in Review - p6
South Bristol Ram Hunt - Gary Rotta, p7
Orocopia Sheep Hunt - Robert Charkowitz, p12
El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve Desert Bighorn Hunt - Eduardo Negrete Franco, p27

Q1 - March No newsletter Available

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